Difference between Web design and Web Development

Have you ever wondered the difference between these two concepts which we interchange daily? Many people mistake one for the other and this makes it tough to differentiate what each one stands for in the world of web. We will look as some basic simplified differences that will help you build your knowledge as you progress .

Web Design

Web Design is the process of converting an idea into a design. This idea could be something on e-commerce, education, fashion, sports, health and so on. Here you will use some design tools to transform a story into a visually appealing concept. It simply refers to the way a website looks from the outside. Here you focus on the graphics, photos and colours to create some eye-catching designs. The goal is to apply your User Experience(UX) and User Interface(UI) skills in the design.

Web Development

In web development we are focusing on converting the design into a functional website with active user experience. In web development, you will have to know at least a programming language and the use of programming tools like HTML and CSS to create an application. Coding skills is very essential in web development because you will be writing sets of instructions that will create the functionality of the website. Web development is the transfer of a design into a fully functional website. As a beginner, you may decide to use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to design a calculator, Calendar, Weather Application where a user can interact with the application by putting some information that will produce a result.


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